Drinking milk? As what…As Ambrosia or as a white poison?

What rubbish you are talking about? Don’t you know that milk is very nutritious? In Indian culture, milk is said to be a ‘complete food’ that is useful and nutritious for everyone from infants to the elderly.

Of course milk is a complete food. But which one? Which is derived from the native cow (one with Indian breed), the cows that graze on the open pastures in the sun Most important without adulteration. Now think about which of these points are applicable for the milk that you get ? At the national level, an organization tested 1791 milk samples collected from across the country and found that 68.4% of the samples were adulterated.

Discussions about A1 / A2 Milky Way started a few years ago. Since the discovery of A2 protein, which is healthier, instead of A1 protein in the milk of native cows of Indian descent, the demand for native cows of Indian descent has increased in many countries. But we are still satisfied with Jersey cow’s milk and its powder as a foreign brand.

Basically cows are impregnated with artificial insemination to increase business. Subsequently her calves are kept aside so that they will not consume any milk. The amount of milk is increased by injecting hormones.

And the culmination of all this is the addition of water, or the use of caustic soda, urea, synthetic dyes, starch, etc., to thicken it.The fat / cream are often removed from the milk.

In addition, to maintain the quality of milk, standardization, homogenization, pasteurization etc. are done on it. The milk obtained from this process is durable but the big question is how beneficial it is to the body.

So the milk reaching us through this journey is almost equal to poison.

In many patients, discontinuation of milk is reported to relief from Acidity , heart burn indigestion, Gases and constipation ,etc.

Obesity, worms, lethargy, recurrent cough and other disorders arise in children due to milk. That is why we are saying that if you want to drink milk, then you should drink it only if you can get a guaranteed native cow. But it is really difficult in current scenario. So it is better to avoid it and keep yourself healthy.