Do we eat to live or do we live to eat?

‘Yesterday my friend’s birthday party had Pavbhaji. Pavbhaji is my weak point. 

I have a lot of acidity. I took two enos..but no relief || ‘ The young lady working in IT was saying. 

After asking a few questions, the answer to how we follow a healthy diet is ready for everyone.

From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, everyone opens their mouths to eat at least 8 times, no matter how little. So the question is… do we eat to live or do we live to eat ??

So people who follow such a soothing healthy diet start their day with green tea / herbal tea / hot water + honey etc. Then something likes milk + eggs / fruits / juices as a protein rich breakfast. 

Then in the office at 10-11 o’clock for strength a handful of cashews / almonds / pistachios etc.

Someone’s on chicken or cheese as a keto diet for lunch and someone’s on just a salad. Some don’t want rice and some don’t want chapati as gluten is bad for health.

Again at 4-5 pm snacks include tea / coffee + biscuits / idlisambar / vadapav / samosa. As it was late to go home from work at night, some just take previously cooked food out of the fridge and eat it or often order a parcel from outside. Some people will boil the tomato / chinese / etc powder in water and take it as soup is healthy.

There is a barbecue party on the weekend again. No matter how much you eat there, they give unlimited but does your body have any limit on digestion or not? Have you think on it? 

If you take a closer look, after 2-3 hours we eat something (or graze like animals?). Cows and buffaloes are left free to graze because they are ruminant animals. They graze all day long as they have special arrangement provided by nature with rumen. Their body has the facility to take out the grazed food again and rant it. But this facility is not present in our body.

However, we decide when and how much to eat on the insistence of friends and family, and the result is that the digestive system becomes a garbage can.

Over time, gases, heart burn, chest burn, bad breath, headache, nausea, belching etc. start appearing frequently. It doesn’t stop there. So from rheumatism to diabetes and from obesity to heart disease, the root cause of all this pain is overeating, frequent eating ……

You have to eat to survive, .. Eat enough but not plenty ….as much as you required for living.

Eating less or not eating does not cause disorders or if they do, they heal faster. However, overeating can lead to many disorders.

That is why the secret of a healthy life is to consume food by understanding the rules of diet, considering your health, age, time etc.