Complex water question

What is the secret of your healthy skin? This question is asked to many actresses. And often the answer is ‘I drink lots of water and keep myself hydrated’. Andfollowers make habit of drinking water by filling glass (bottle of bottle. But we conveniently forget that these actresses sweat by exercising for 2 hours every day. The cause of diseases that change with changing lifestyles is also among the wrong drinking habits of water or liquid along with changing diets.

‘You have to drink 8-10 glasses / 3-4 liters of water daily. Toxins in the body are flushed.’ Many such anonymous tips are circulating on social media every day.Without knowing any reason behind this, we also force the body to get into this habit. What the body needs is not considered.

Think about it-will a person who works in Air conditioned office sitting in a chair for full day  and a person who digs in the sun all day long have the same thirst? Or do you feel thirsty that you have to drink 3 liters of water even in the hot summer of May and only 3 liters of water in the cold of December? Of course not.

Some people drink plenty of water before meals to lose weight. In fact, the body needs food  At this time thedigestive secretions are diluted with water. It further leads to indigestion, acid reflux, nausea etc. When water is mixed in these digestive secretions, these secretions increase in quantity and hence acid reflux, heart burn develops. It also causes brittle bones, hair loss, dull skin etc. due to lack of proper nutrition.

Some people have a habit of drinking a glass of water after a meal. Digestive juices are mixed with food after a meal to start digestion.In this case, the water is not digested properly and the undigested food is pushed forward as well. This causes indigestion and poor nutrition of the body.

Many people have a habit of drinking 1 glass or even 1 liter of water when they wake up in the morning. This water taken when not needed often causes nausea, stomach upset, loss of appetite etc.

The same goes for drinking water at night. In fact it is wrong to open your mouth again for anything after dinner.

If you are not thirsty, then there is no need to drink water. However, water taken when not needed by habit, leads to frequent urination at night, chronic cold, swelling of the face, sinus problems, Rhinitis etc. At the same time various disorders related to ears, nose, eyes takes place due to this habit.

Similarly, drinking a bottle of cold water from the fridge after coming out of the scorching sun is also harmful to the body.The habit of doing this frequently can lead to various skin and

blood disorders. Drinking such cold water is the cause of digestive disorders and constipation. Drinking water while eating means that the grass is not chewed properly. To swallow grass, saliva is needed, not water.Appropriate appetite is required to secrete saliva. Eating when you are not hungry and drinking water when you are not thirsty is like inviting Acidity ,indigestion, heartburn, gases, Constipation, Malnutrition,Diabetes , Obesity Hypertension etc.

So when and how much water to drink ? The simple answer is – ‘When you feel thirsty and when your thirst is completed’. One should drink as much water as he needs. Thirst is a natural demand of the body.

Therefore, when the body asks for it, you should definitely drink water. Whether it is to quench your thirst even when you are thirsty or to drink water when you are not thirsty, both of them are harmful to your health.

The body demands water through the symptoms of dryness of throat, scalp and feeling tired. When you are thirsty, take water so that your body gets energy immediately, you feel refreshed. Water should always be drunk while sitting, quietly and by sip by sip.